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  • Session E. DAWN Training - Plotting Single Line Plots from Multiple Files [Trace Perspective]
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This tutorial show how to quickly plot data as lines from multiple files using the DAWN trace perspective.

In this example we will show different ways to load multiple files, and how to setup the names of the default data to plot.

  • Start DAWN and open the Trace Perspective (Window Menu, Open Perspective, Other, Trace)
  • Open the data you wish to process (either using the File Menu, Open File... or double clicking from the Project Explorer and File Navigator views, or dragging and dropping a file from your operating system file navigator into the Traces View)
  • If no data is automatically plotted, the screen will look something like this:
  • The Datasets view can be used to select the data for the x and y axes (if you have loaded mutliple files, the same x and y can be set by selecting multiple files in the traces view.
  • To make data plot automatically on opening you need to set default dataset names
    • In the View menu of the Traces view (small white arrow next to view minimise and maximise icons)
    • Select Configure Default Dataset Names
    • In the Dialog that appears, enter the X and Y dataset names as shown in the Datasets View
    • From now on, when files containing these datasets are opened in the Trace perspective, these datasets will be selected for plotting.
    •  Multiple files can be checked/unchecked for plotting by selecting the files in the Traces View, right-clicking and from the menu select Check Selected/Uncheck Selected

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