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  • General improvements
    • Python plotting updated to use new 3D plotting
    • New "Transfer" menu to make opening data in multiple perspectives easier
    • Speed up loading HDF5 files with huge number of chunks
    • Add new number entry widget for masking tool
  • DataVis perspective improvements
    • Plotting status bar added, data slicing more responsive
  • Mapping perspective improvements
    • Make file loading lazier
    • Improved histogramming behaviour
  • Processing
    • Processed data now writes to /processed/result as apposed to /entry/result (keeps linked raw data in /entry)
    • Add ability to automatically load processed results in DataVis
    • Processing setup dialog improved, more responsive
    • Processing step to average frames from a grid scan using a mask to reject frames.frame
  • RIXS improvements
    • Add linear transformation to QuickRIXS
    • Add new align dialog to PostRIXS that allows for manual adjustments
    • Improve FWHM minimization algorithm for finding slope of elastic lines
    • Add slope overrride to elastic line fitting

Bug Fixes -

Many bug fixes went into the release, please refer to JIRA for issues you are particularly interested in.