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This section provides a guide showing how DAWN can be used to reduce SAXS and WAXS data obtained from I22.

As there are such a large number of potential analyses that can be performed on the diffraction images obtained; this guide will predominantly focus on:

After this introduction it is hoped that you will be able to move on to experimenting with other processing plugins, a list of which is available here, to perform more complex analysis on your data. Tutorials on certain common analysis techniques are also covered in the Data Analysis section of this site.

N.B. This version of the guide is intended for use with DAWN 2.7.x.

Manuals for previous versions of DAWN can be found by following this link, this page serves as an archive, as PDF and Word documents, of this documentation.

In addition to the information hosted here, further information about the primary routes, at Diamond, for the reduction of SAXS data can be found by following these links:

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