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An Introduction to DAWN - Tutorials

To start DAWN on a Diamond linux workstation:

[user@workstation ~]$ module load dawn

Loading 64-bit Oracle instantclient, version 11.2
Loading 64-bit python, version 2.7.2
Loading 64-bit numpy, version 1.6.1
Loading 64-bit scipy, version 0.10.0
Loading the DLS compute cluster environment. Please report any issues to

**        DAWN (Data Analysis WorkbeNch) module loaded         ** 
   To start the application, type "dawn &"
   For further options, type "dawn --help"

[user@workstation ~]$ dawn &

For the DAWN training in Diamond follow the sessions on the DAWN Tutorials page

DAWN Tutorials - Diamond Light Source

Specialist DAWN Perspective Training

The first specialist training is for the Tomography Perspective for use with NeXus compliant tomography data.

Session A. DAWN Training - Tomography

Session B. DAWN Training - ARPES 

Session C. DAWN Training - 2D Powder Diffraction Calibration and Reduction

Session D. DAWN Training - Data Processing

Session E. DAWN Training - Plotting Single Line Plots from Multiple Files [Trace Perspective]


Linking datasets from multiple files together

Running DAWN as a web server


FAQs can be found here.

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