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An Introduction to DAWN - Tutorials

To download DAWN go to and select the right version for your operating system.

DAWN does not need to be installed locally on the linux workstations at Diamond, the latest stable release can be loaded from the module system.

To start DAWN on a Diamond linux workstation:

[user@workstation ~]$ module load dawn

Loading 64-bit Oracle instantclient, version 11.2
Loading 64-bit python, version 2.7.2
Loading 64-bit numpy, version 1.6.1
Loading 64-bit scipy, version 0.10.0
Loading the DLS compute cluster environment. Please report any issues to

**        DAWN (Data Analysis WorkbeNch) module loaded         ** 
   To start the application, type "dawn &"
   For further options, type "dawn --help"

[user@workstation ~]$ dawn &

By default DAWN is limited to use 1Gb of RAM. To increase this (for RAM heavy use like volume rendering or large data processing) edit the xmx value in the dawn.ini file, found in the same directory as the dawn.exe file. At Diamond, this has already been set-up, so different memory limits can be set by starting dawn, dawn2G, dawn4G, dawn8G or dawn16G, where the suffix represents the maximum memory limit.

For the DAWN training in Diamond follow the sessions on the DAWN Tutorials page

DAWN Tutorials - Diamond Light Source

Specialist DAWN Perspective Training

The first specialist training is for the Tomography Perspective for use with NeXus compliant tomography data.

Session A. DAWN Training - Tomography

Session B. DAWN Training - ARPES 

Session C. DAWN Training - 2D Powder Diffraction Calibration and Reduction

Session D. DAWN Training - Data Processing

Session E. DAWN Training - Plotting Single Line Plots from Multiple Files [Trace Perspective]


Linking datasets from multiple files together

Running DAWN as a web server


FAQs can be found here.

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