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B23 Starting Up

  1. Turn on the Nitrogen (25L/min) for 15 mins.
  2. Look at the Linux station monitor, if Port shutter is closed, called Control x8899 to open Port shutter.
  3. Click FE Beam Permit button, click Reset.
  4. Click FE Beam Permit button again, click Open. Wait until you see the light path to the modules.
  5. If temperature control is required for experiments,
    1. turn pump on (JULABO AWC 100)
    2. turn Quantum Peltier box.
  6. Turn on OLIS System Controller Black Box next to PC tower
  7. Turn on PC, press Ctrl Alt Del and type username: OLIS & password: OLISUser
  8. Open "Olis GlobalWorks" on the desktop, click "Data Collection", then "DSM20"
  9. Click X-Y axis, check box next to Plot HVs
  10. Click Live Display on the tool bar to enter parameter required.
  11. Click Temp Controller if using Peltier system, click ON and enter value of Temperature required.
  12. Open E-book on the other PC monitor. Fill up details of experiments.
  13. Go back to Live Display and press, Collect Data to start measurement. Sample pop-up box will appear. Fill in sample details which can be copied from E-book for your reference. Click Save to start the measurement.
  14. After data collection, a command will appear asking if you want to transfer data. Click Yes to transfer. Data can now be saved.
  15. Save data as date, module used, spectra number. eg first spectrum run on Module B on 21 July 2012 would be saved as 210712b01.
  16. To save data, click file Save as, select P:b23-storage, click the year, then your project no. Save file under the name as above.
  17. Please only keep up to 30 datafiles open (including PMT data) to avoid system crash.

Data Handling
Data are saved in proprietary *.ols files. These files can be converted to ASCII files as block conversion using Diamond in-house ASCII converter called OLISgui. To convert files

      1. Click on My computer or under Settings
      2. Open W:
      3. Click CD programs
      4. Click on OLISGUI latest version
      5. Another window OLIS ASCII Converter will open
      6. Click browse of OLIS file and open P: drive, click year, your project no., select all *.ols files to be converted
      7. Click Open and all files selected will be displayed in the box
      9. The converted files (this may take some time depending on how many files are being converted will have the same name but with extension *.txt displayed in the box.
      10. Converted files are stored in Processing folder of your project folder.
      11. Close the converter.
      12. Data can now be open with any spreadsheet software.
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