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B23 is a UV beamline, which means there are none of the usual PSS requirements, users are allowed in the experimental cabin while the beam is on. The beamline consists of the following:

  • Front end:
    • M1: Cold finger to absorb x-rays, bounce up mirror. Controlled from front end via gateway interface although motors are currently unplugged
    • M2: As above but bounce down
  • Beamline:
    • M3: Splitter mirror to direct beam to experimental modules. Pitch and roll currently unplugged, safe to home using homing program (only Y axis will do anything).
    • MODA: OLIS endstation modified for vacuum controlled from a windows machine
    • MODB: Standard OLIS endstation controlled from a windows machine. B23 Sample Changer may also be installed here
    • XYB: Movable window on an XY stage. Homing program works, but you may need to run it multiple times if it fails as the limit switch is very close to the home switch
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