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  • DAWN 2.3

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Wont Have
Could Have
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Must Have
  Reduce the number of DAWN repositories Have the market place up and running (BE) Mapping (JF)
  Volume rendering and 3D stack plot NCD archiving (move to DAWN market place (TSp) Operation refactoring - beta(JF)
  File Viewer upgrades (BE):
  • most used folders
  • scan cmd (Nxs options)
 XAFS archiving (move to DAWN market place) (TSc)

 Planning documents

*plotting system



*i11 request

Review document

  Interface with DB (through XML RPC) (Dean)

Peak finding (Dean)

 JavaFX in Target Platform

*new intro

*javafx browser

serverDiamond Light Source JIRA

   Greylog integration (MB)

 Auto-indexing (Dean)

*with a ViewPart

    Cleaning up of JIRA tickets


Release notes for DAWN 2.3 :