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4th April 2014

Meeting with Irakli, Matt and Erwin. Progress being made on cluster node transformer. Matt agreed to help with:

  • Actor to loop slice strings for chunks.
  • Property to switch off debug in ActorUtils for speed reasons.
  • Refactor passerelle actor plugins from DAWN to break them up. This will make OSGI load the required things faster.


March 2014

  • Load balancing actor finished
  • Diamond signed off part of the work for year end so that Isencia may invoice for it.

14th February 2014

  • Erwin now has a fedid and user name on confluence and has started a new page for reporting progress.
  • Matt showed Erwin the DataImportSource which does slicing of image stacks to send individual images into the pipeline. Since these attributes can be parameterized, they might be similar to the slicing required on each cluster node.
  • Erwin reported that work on the load balancing (fork/join) actor has finished and work on the cluster connectivity has now started.

21 January 2014 - Kick off meeting

  • Agreed to have weekly meeting at 14:30 on a Friday.
  • Discussed load balancing transformer a little.
  • Erwin will be working on work package 1 this week and work on wp 2 will be started in parallel
  • Created google hang out and shared screen for using buckminster to check out DAWN


Matt to get confluence user id to Erwin


Emails prior to meeting:

Hi Erwin,

13:00 is ok I decided to move another meeting to do it so I hope it will not change again(smile)

In answer to your questions, I have attached our design document which is our technical agreement for the work. Note that purchasing have said that you may invoice for each work package separately: In answer to your questions:

  1. I prefer to keep the project on our confluence pages I think. I will create a page which is editable by you and provide a user name and password.
  2. Code will eventually be in a public place on github as it was agreed in responsibilities section, part 4. Plugin called org.dawnsci.passerelle.actors.cluster. Where changes to Passerelle code are required I would have to take your advice on what is best – maybe we should make changes to the Dawn build to remove the core Passerelle plugins and build from your repo? I think we can dispense with doing development in a private place and just put everything on github from the start for the actors.
  3. DAWN master for release with DAWN 1.5 in March. If we do not hit the deadline, the actors will be disabled in the release but still be available in master. DAWN master is checked out with Buckminster and I will show you how (or Matt Webber).

And other docs:

  1.    +44 (01235) 778442
  2. Yes
  3. Linux RHEL-6 64-bit and Windows 7 please.

Matthew Gerring 01235 778613

Can we create a google hangout for use during the project? I would like regular (weekly?) technical meetings using hangouts if that is ok (smile) ? I will try to create a hangout with – we will need to add other members of your team.



Erwin de Ley schreef op 21/01/2014 09:38:

Hi Matt,

For the kick-off call, I would propose following topics from my side :

1. I have started a Wiki space on our Wiki server, with private access for Diamond and iSencia :
We can use this as a central spot for project docs, meeting minutes etc.

Your account is :
usrname matthewgerring
pwd M5gDLS

(There is currently an issue with the site certificate. We've notified our hosting partner)

2. Git/SVN repositories
I have a DAWN workspace that Olof has set up for me, linked to some Git repository based on the DAWN master I guess.
(I still need to get acquainted with the Git system, but will gradually get there ;-) )

Where do we put the new dvps for this project?
Do you have a private DLS repository that we can connect to from iSencia?

What do we do with dvp/impact on Passerelle itself? Can this be done on Passerelle@Google trunk?

3. Dependencies on DAWN roadmap
If dvp is done partially on Passerelle trunk, what are the requirements for merging into DAWN?
Which version of DAWN must be used as the basis?

4. DLS Grid access
Can you send the contact info for the Grid administrator?
You introduced me to her when I was at Diamond, but I didn't get her email address yet.

5. Can we use JDK 7 and depend on its features? Or is there a need for compatibility with prior JDK versions?

6. Which OS's must be supported? Linux 64 bit? More?
(we'll support windows anyway by default)

And finally : on what number can I call you?


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