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MoSCoW meeting for DAWN 2.2 (27/05/16)

Present: Alun Ashton, Mark BashamJacob FilikPeter ChangKevin Savage, Timothy Spain, Tom Schoonjans, Baha El Kassaby



Current Themes:

Wont Have
Could Have
Should Have
Must Have

File Viewer upgrades (BE):

  • most used folders
  • scan cmd (Nxs options)
Reduce the number of DAWN repositoriesRegion of Interest: bridge between Python and Java (PC ?)

New Welcome Screen and DAWN webpages (David Taylor)

DAWNSCI-6002 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Remove D4D & Workflows features from DAWN and put them in the market place (BE)Cleaning up of JIRA tickets
 Java FX browser (David Taylor?)Operation refactoring (JF)Calibration (JF)
 Tool system review

I11 plotting requests

Mapping (JF)

Histogram review and work:

  • Look at user feedback documents put together by Tracy
  • add better navigation between colour maps (breadcrumb?)(BE)
  • add most used colour maps (history) (BE)
  • make the histogram plot a bar chart (instead of an area chart)
  • Default colour map change through preferences behaviour

Volume rendering and 3D stack plot

Remove ROIBeans used for persistence and replace by marshaller (BE)  SCI-5621 - Getting issue details... STATUS
 Transparency on ImageTraceXAFS archiving (move to DAWN market place) (TSc) SCI-5622 - Getting issue details... STATUS Add new Wizard for Gold Calibration workflow, and remove Workflow usage (BE) SCI-5623 - Getting issue details... STATUS

New Toolbar Specification & requirements document

NCD archiving (move to DAWN market place (TSp)

SCI-5620 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Migrate to JANUARY (PC)

XY Graph plotting:

  • Contribute Axis algorithm to the Nebula project
  • migrate to using the Nebula XYGraph visualization project

Provide Controls with:

  • a plotting feature (BE) SCI-5616 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • a python/plotting feature (PC) SCI-5615 - Getting issue details... STATUS

i06 improvements (BE):

  • improve stitching (visualizing live stitching instead of only a progress bar)
  • Add python alignment algorithm of Helder Marchetto and write it in Java
 Sort out the DAWN features and application so that it doesn't add unnecessary plugins and features into the product SCI-5637 - Getting issue details... STATUS

: external resources

Thank you for adding the link to the corresponding JIRA ticket in the table above. Feel free to add new task if you think we might have forgotten it; if it has to be added in the "Must Have", let's discuss together about it.

Here is a screenshot of our MoSCoW (smile)

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