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MoSCoW meeting for DAWN 1.9 

Present: Mark Basham, Jacob Filik, Michael Wharmby, Baha El-Kassaby, Peter Chang, Matthew Gerring, Alun Ashton

Notes: NAPI changes will allow us to move to Java8 in time for DAWN 1.9


Current Themes: Mapping Project, Usability, Power Diffraction

Wont Have
Could Have
Should Have
Must Have

Eclipse e4

Currently planned

for October shut down

Ptycho GUI Improvements

NCD Processing

tidy up / review by Jun

Java8 JRE distributed with DAWN 1.9 (Matt)

Data Perspective Implementation

(Requirement for mapping project

but not needed for DAWN 1.9)


(Kichwa Coders)

I16 data analysis (Matt adds: must have priority, not sure of detail) (Peter)

Matplotlib export


Python Operation (Jake)

ISPyB Perspective

  1. Run more things
  2. Non MX


HDF5 SWMR Recompile C libraries (Peter)

I19 Data Analysis Improvements


Processing Perspective ongoing improvements (Jake)
   Peak Finding (Michael)
   Welcome Screen Perspective Categories (Baha) DAWNSCI-5865 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Usage Statistics to show:

  1. Which perspectives used
  2. Operations pipelines executed
  3. Tools used

(Baha) SCI-5265 - Getting issue details... STATUS

   Design for Data Perspective (Matt)
   ADViewer MJPG Stream and other sources (Matt)
   Nexus NAPI in GDA (Peter)
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